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Megan & Jon's Sensational Wedding Day | Crestview Dairy Events Kansas City, MO

Megan & Jon's wedding day had all of the bells and whistles. Literally it was the most fun party ever! Honestly though, what people will remember most from this day was the way that these two look at each other, spoke about each other, and the way they treated each other. They have such a deep love, no longer a one man band. This photo above was a favorite for sure. Jon's sweet Mama passed away, she is pictured on his boutonniere, and when we saw this photo we were all in awe. She was definitely there with them!

I loved all of their details but the blue shoes were just next level!

Goofball Jon! So much fun!

Megan's Momma stepped in and put the boutonniere on Jon.. so emotional!

Jon is such a goofball but man his love of Megan was just insanely sweet. He left her flowers and the most precious note with them for while the girls were getting ready.

We had to jump on the bed!

Such a fun and sweet group of girls

The first look of all first looks. His reaction and the way she holds him was so beautiful.