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Bailey & Dylan's Life Changing Wedding Day at Rose Blossom Hill in Rayville MO

Where do I begin..

First of all, they had a stellar wedding day... In the days that followed, it was a very difficult time for their family. Many prayer requests, lots of time with God, and lots of processing time.

Bailey has since lost her grandmother and grandfather. Very quickly after her wedding day. We are honored to have documented her grandmother being there, she was such a light to all who knew her, and she was Bailey's best friend. Her grandfather was still in the hospital during her wedding, so he was sadly unable to make it.

Please enjoy the highlights of their amazing wedding day and all of the happy memories that took place!

Bailey, you're the most gorgeous bride ever, just flawless!!

Dylan was the emotional one of the day and it made for excellent photos haha in all seriousness though, how sweet to see! Especially his first look with their baby girls. Brought everyone around to tears.

It's my next goal to get everyone to choose black bridesmaids dresses haha THEY'RE SO GOOD!!

The first look Bailey had with her grandma... we all sobbed. So special.

Wow you couldn't ask for a better ceremony!! They're the most photogenic humans.

They shared some very beautiful private vows.

TIME TO PARTY! If you're not playing flip cup for your bridal party entrance you're doing it wrong.