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Hannah & Aleks Tie the Knot at the Oliver Building | Kansas City, MO

Fun fact: We went to church camp with Hannah for years. I've known her a very long time. But wow watching her marry the man of her dreams with their sweet baby girl present was just amazing.

I can't even begin to express my love of these details. If you need a tutorial in details and colors, look no further, Hannah did it for you.

Oh sweet baby girl... you have the sweetest smile and the sweetest family!!


holy wow.. they're models. I'm convinced. Someone sign them to a modeling contract immediately.

The party bus was AWESOME !!! Highly recommend!!

Hi. they're beautiful. That's all.

They had not one but TWO very special ceremonies honoring their religions and traditions of their families.

The reception that dreams are made of 😍

Highly recommend an outfit change during your reception!!!! So gorgeous, so fun, and so HOT!

Hannah and Aleks, it was an honor and privilege to photograph your wedding day. We had the best time!! We talk about it often, and we just wish you all the love in the world. CONGRATULATIONS LOVE BIRDS!!!


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