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Angela and Tyler Wedding Day at The Brim | Kansas City, MO

Oh lands y'all.. we had the sweetest day with these two cuties! They are FUN, joyful, and their love of God shined this entire day.

Let's start with the details that largely consisted of things her grandmother owned/used/made.. how special to be able to incorporate those things into her details! That's what this is all about is creating those memories that are so special to YOU.

They exchanged very private vows together, and then it was time to have some fun!

Their ceremony was so sweet and special. They incorporated their families, they worshiped, they took communion together, and then they sealed their love story with a kiss.

The sky, the sun, THE LOVE. It couldn't have been better!

The first dances together were so much fun! I love a good outfit change and Angela nailed it!! They shared a private last dance, and then at the Brim it is a tradition to ring the bell in the chapel. So they rang that bell!!

Angela and Tyler, the professional dippers. We absolutely loved your wedding day!! And miss our coffee dates!! We wish you so much love, happiness, Godly guidance, and just pray that you keep that spark for sharing His love. Congratulations y'all!!!!!


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