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Darcy & Blake's Wedding Day at Rose Blossom Hill | Rayville, MO

If you have a love of donuts and sunflowers look no further I have the perfect wedding inspo for you!!

And if you're not pranking the groom on your wedding day are you even doing it right???

Wow I loved these colors with these two. They are just full of sunshine!!

The outdoor ceremony at Rose Blossom is a FAV for sure.

Ohhhh my gosh talk about the best thing ever. These mini donuts were DELICIOUS and a huge crowd pleaser!

Also, her dress has POCKETS I'm sorry but that's a dang cool flex.

Now it was time for some FUN!!!

I just adore this photo, I adore these two. You can really see how they just melt into each other, they are home to each other. We had the best time at their wedding. Truly we had way too much fun. We ended their night with a cold spark exit and it was PERFECT!!!! Congratulations Darcy and Blake!! We wish you never ending love and happiness and it was SO FUN to document your wedding day!! Call us anytime, especially if donuts are involved 😉


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