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Ashleigh & Shawn | Pumpkin Perfect Wedding at Rose Blossom Hill, Rayville MO

Oooooohhhhhh get ready to swoon at all of these picture perfect details! They accented their day with shades of blue and pumpkins everywhere and it was STUNNING!

Groomsmen photos are just classic

These girls were a BLAST!!! Also peep the one where they had to hide the bride hahah

These colors, tones, and their sweet love for one another made this so DREAMY!

They had the sweetest friends and family who kept their energy high!!

Ashleigh and Shawn met while working at a pool company, he was a supervisor. For fun they like to go on side by side rides on their farm! So fun. I've seen their property, that's where their engagement session was!

On the day he proposed he took her to Ventana and had given her an amazon box full of KitKats (already so good haha) and her ring was hidden inside of the box! Sooo fun!

I love when we get to break out the umbrellas!

I loved this reception! It was so fun! The dances were so light hearted and sweet, I always love a good cake to the face, and the shoe game was so cute! Their first dance was full of booty grabs and I'm so here for it!