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Petree Wedding Day At Rose Blossom Hill

Caylee and Jamin's wedding day was completely out of a fairytale. Their love radiated throughout the entire day and it was incredibly beautiful to witness.

These two are high school sweethearts. Jamin proposed to Caylee in the driveway at their high school graduation. They love watching movies, playing video games, and just love being together. They are a very chill couple who share a deep love of God in their daily lives and in their relationship.

I vividly remember that morning. She was absolutely glowing while reading the note she recieved from her soon-to-be husband. She was so ready to go and start her forever with Jamin.

Her wonderful sisters helped her get ready and enjoy every moment. Mora of course was stealing the show!

Jamin's family couldn't wait to help him celebrate this day! They were so excited to see their baby boy marry the love of his life.

Then it was time for Caylee to get her dress on!

The details of this wedding day were unreal! So beautiful.

Caylee's sweet Mama and bridesmaids helped her with her finishing touches.

Nellie and Tim were so happy for their little girl! It's such an emotional moment when a dad sees their little girl for the first time.

The guys nailed their portraits!

I would say they nailed it! The perfect mix of serious and silly.

Jamin is a lucky man! Caylee is so stunning!

The moment finally arrived.

They shared an intimate communion together and then it was time for the vows... wow I have never been so emotional! We laughed, cried, and these two were so full of love for the Lord and each other.

Finally Mr. & Mrs.