Allie & Dakota's Gorgeous Elopement | Grand Lake, Colorado

We are so honored to have been able to travel to Grand Lake, Colorado for this amazing destination wedding/elopement for Allie and Dakota!! It was so beautiful to witness two of our best friends be able to tie the knot with their wonderful families there to support them!

The bracelet here has their wedding day engraved on it!

YESSSSS so fun!

There's nothing quite like the first looks, they mean so much!

The way he looks at his gorgeous bride is EVERYTHING!

You wouldn't believe the weather we had! There's gorgeous mountains behind them that are completely hidden by the storm rolling in. I love how dramatic it made it!

We sat in the car for a few minutes after those photos were taken while it rained! Then thankfully the sun made an appearance for a little while. These two never got tired of loving on each other and it made my job so easy!